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Stop Drug Addiction in Four Steps

You can chose from Ultra Rapid Detoxification URD or Full Detox Treatment FDT

Step 1 - Diagnostics

The aim of this phase is to determine the stage of dependence, level of physical and mental health of a patient, result of the drug use, degree of motivation, self-criticism and preservation of voluntary mechanisms. The Treatment Plan is specifically based on: The results of diagnostics, The length of treatment, The choice of method of detoxification, Psycho-correction, Blockage and rehabilitation.

Step 2 - Detoxification

The aim of this phase is to carry out detoxification of your body, an addict receives necessary nutrition by infusion solutions that help accelerate elimination of the addictive substance. This is a painless way to alleviate or completely prevent from withdrawal Signs. In this way, the previously disrupted harmony balance between useful substances and vitamins is brought back into balance.

Step 3 - Psychotherapy

The aim of this phase is to learn about your condition and your moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Psychotherapy helps you learn how to take control of your life and respond to challenging situations with a healthy coping skills.

Step 4 - Holistic Therapy

The aim of this phase is to initiate the patient’s health and mental recovery through a holistic therapy (quantum medicine, acupuncture, macrobiotic) and to educate them about healthy way of life and develop their consciousness in this direction to recognize his/her errors. Aware and knowledgeable they will be ready to withstand future challenges.

This is Your Call to Action

There is no right or wrong time to fight back cancer and addition. We suggest you Start Right Now!

Our New Technology


Quantum Medicine

Using latest techniques and modern technology from the sphere of quantum medicine, you get a complete diagnosis of the mental and physical state of your body as well as the appropriate recovery therapy!

Naltrexone Implant

Naltrexone is new generation farmaco-therapy “blocker” which in the pharmacological sense seeks to prevent the intake of drugs.

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