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ADDICTION CLINIC BELGRADE specializes in detoxification, recovery from addictions, and various disturbed states of mind.

ADDICTION CLINIC BELGRADE with “DETOX-RECOVERY” concept is a unique program for persons with addictions who have managed to gain courage to change and live in harmony with nature and health. It is the result of education, experience and COOPERATION with eminent experts in their respective domains. It helps addicted persons find a way to recovery from drug addiction and focus on their health. Finally, they get to know themselves and a natural way of life. In our Clinic we provide diagnosis and guidance towards physical therapy, improving body, mental state and spirit.

The Belgrade based Addiction Clinic Belgrade was founded in 2016, as a result of over 30 years of experience and cooperation among its founders, eminent experts in their respective fields. Some of our physicians are members of the International Society of Addiction Medicine, the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the Serbian Society of Addiction Medicine.

At our Clinic we incorporate the most advanced medical, technological, pharmaceutical and psychological approaches in fighting addictions. In addition to this, we apply /utilize holistic diagnostic methods, therapy and recovery giving a chance to hard-core addicts, previously not being able to achieve sober states. We have introduced the most up-to-date methods of breaking a never-ending cycle of addiction to Methadone by wisely and carefully transfer to an antagonist therapy using Naltrexone IMPLANTS that block the opioid brain receptors. By doing so we manage to break the cycle and set them free from the addiction. In some instances we use Buprenorphine as Outpatient Substitution Therapy (OST), however, only as a temporary therapy. Treating a psychoactive substance with another psychoactive substance is not a cure, but rather a prolongation of addiction with a different opioid.

For opioid addiction (particularly so widely abused heroin) we use and strongly recommend Sustained Release Naltrexone Implants (“blocker”). Their action can last from three months up to one year. Similar approach is also used for treating alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, pathological gambling and Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD). These new methods of treatment dramatically increase chances for a full recovery.

Our Clinic consists of exam rooms, ICU for detoxification, recovery rooms, a medical ward and separate wards for rehabilitation and holistic diagnosis, group and individual psychotherapy.

(For some of our patients) We have also provided a VIP stationary, a villa located in the vicinity of Addiction Clinic Belgrade in the residential and safe part of the city of Belgrade (10 Simiceva Street, Senjak). It is equipped with a surveillance security system, 24/7 security guards and electronic remote controlled entrance gate. Patient rooms are single and double, with most advanced medical equipment. All rooms have A/C, furnished with a cable TV and Wi-Fi. The lounge has a spacious living room with a kitchen and balcony where smoking is allowed according to the law set by the Ministry of Health, Republic of Serbia.

Health provisions.

House rules have been set in order to maintain environment with an emphasis on respecting privacy and providing quiet atmosphere enabling good working conditions in our clinic. Our medical staff is available 24/7 and is specifically trained to look after our clients.

Special prevention and security measures have been introduced to prevent bringing psychoactive substances and alcohol to our premises.

Our treatment is specifically focused to address personal approach to each client and can vary from just three days to as long as four months depending on the individual needs. Prevention of physical withdrawal during detoxification from specific substance can vary from three to fifteen days. This part of treatment is carried out mostly in the intensive care unit (ICU). After detoxification our client is then accommodated in the residential part of the clinic or can choose the VIP residential suite or completely private accommodation (villa) as desired by client or his/her family. Once patients are transferred from detoxification clinic they are given 24/7 private security protection so that they would feel comfortable and safe.

All transportation is provided for our clients during the treatment. Their dietary needs are provided according to individual condition and is adjusted to increase body cleansing throughout the treatment period. Also, some clients wish to be involved in selection and preparation of their food, which serves as additional part of their therapy.


  • Ultra Rapid Detoxification (URD) takes 3-5 days
  • Full Detoxification Treatment (FDT) takes 7 days
  • Full Detoxification Recovery Program (FDRP) takes 30 days.

We also offer a long-term recovery plan:

Additional Moving Toward Treatment Program (AMTTP) takes 120-180 days including FDRT and habit change program breaking links and unwanted contacts that have brought about addiction and improving work capabilities.

Following the treatment and upon return to normal life and home, patients can choose Treatment ON-LINE (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp) support package aiming at consulting with his/her addictiologist, psychologist, or holistic therapist.

First and initial evaluation includes general health check-up, blood and urine laboratory analysis and psychological profile determination. A treatment plan is then designed, adjusted to individual needs of every patient.

Second, detoxification phase is a part of any chosen program (i.e. URD, FDT or FDRT) lasting from 3 to 15 days. Patient is then led through a number of medication protocols, fully cleansing the body from a long-term physical and psychological addition effects.

The third phase involves patient’s active participation in the work with therapist through individual and group program.

The fourth phase introduced a custom-made holistic program for the body recovery. This Program consists of Quantum Medicine Diagnostics and Therapy, macrobiotics, acupuncture, yoga, shiatsu, etc. A special Life Coaching program has been designed for this period, focusing on “state of mind” and learning about reasons underpinning addiction, as well as emphasizing patient’s hidden skills and interests.

Addict’s sincere desire to be cured is the most essential prerequisite for initiation of a treatment. We help our clients in personal motivation and readiness for a full and permanent abstinence and a radical change of the lifestyle and not only temporary abstinence from drugs or alcohol.

Encouragingly enough, the latest research has proved that changes in our brains, at cell level and brain nets, by intake of addictive substances, are reversible, i.e. they could be brought back to a pre-addiction state, following an abstinence period. Time needed for physical recovery of brain tissue varies from 3 months for cocaine and alcohol, up to almost a year for opiates such as heroine.

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