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Addiction Clinic Belgrade, Vojislava Vuckovica 14, Belgrade, 11000, Republic of Serbia

Why Us?

Finest Doctors
We have professionally trained MEDICAL STAFF MOTIVATED at all times to help our patients and contstantly proving themselves, excelling and enhancing their skills. Our staff is 24/7 available to meet the needs of patients, devoted and determined to find adequate solutions to problems.
Painless Drug Detoxification
Carefully selected medications in detoxification procedure are introduced under light sedation avoiding uncomfortable feelings. Throughout this procedure, a patient is under general anesthesia, asleep and completely without any painful sensations. Most of withdrawal symptoms occur while the patient is under anesthesia and, therefore, he/she does not feel any pain or discomfort; when the patient awakes, any physical withdrawal from opiates has mainly gone.
Holistic Recovery and Preventive Medicine
MACROBIOTICS, ACUPUNCTURE, HOMEOPATHY, YOGA, SHIATSU and LIFE COACHING stimulate a full recovery of immunity, detox processes and faster regeneration of the whole body!
Advanced Medicine in Addiction Treatment
Using latest techniques and modern technology from the sphere of quantum medicine, you get a complete diagnosis of the mental and physical state of your body as well as the appropriate recovery therapy!

Medical Care

If you are Drug Addicted and if you decide to be treated, make a appointment and get our Professional Care.

Free Consultation

Preventive Medicine

Psychiatric and Psychological consultations.

Price – 80 EUR / 45 min


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(Valid from Mon-Fri 09 AM to 17 PM)

Emergency Support

If You have Withdrawal Symptom and you need emergency support, Call our Emergency Call Service.

Free Consultation

Holistic Medicine

Holistic support (Quantum Medicine and Macrobiotic)

Price – 80 EUR / 45 min