Diagnostic Medical Examinations

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Diagnosis is the first and very important phase of treatment. The objective of this phase is to determine the stage of dependence, a level of physical and mental health of the patient, result of drug use, degree of motivation, self-criticism and preservation of voluntary mechanisms. Treatment plan is specified based on: 1. The results of diagnostics, 2. The length of treatment, 3. The choice of method of detoxification, 4. Psycho-correction, 5. Blockage and rehabilitation.

Blood Analysis

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Laboratory analysis of a sample of blood to determine blood condition, especially for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. The analysis includes tests for hepatitis B and C, HIV infection and biochemical blood testing (assessment of liver function, kidney, pancreas, etc.).

ECG Analysis

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ECG analysis and assessment of state of the heart in cardiac function and of blood vessels.

Cardio-Vascular Examination

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Assessment of state and function of blood vessels.

Internal Examination

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Examination by an internist begins a history and physical examination / discussion with the patient about his/her problems / an experienced physician motivates the patient to communicate their problems and lead faster to diagnosis.

Quantum Medicine Examination


Quantum medicine diagnostics is one of the most complete and simplest whole body analysis methods. The method has proven to be very reliable and gives great results with a great number of patients and tests having evidenced a high level of precision. This may explain its growing popularity in diagnostics throughout the world.
Quantum medicine diagnostics does not require blood tests, x-rays or other physically damaging testing. A simple, and, above all, completely painless method of analysis is conducted by means of an electromagnetic sensor linked to a machine reading the overall body and organs’ diagnostics in only couple of minutes. The advantage of quantum diagnostics is that, besides reading current problems and illnesses, it may detect potential new ones, prior to their alarming symptoms becoming manifest.
The Holistic approach views a patient as a whole. This type of new age diagnostics is grounded on biological resonance, such that every cell represents an electromagnetic unit that generates electromagnetic waves through the biochemical processes taking place within it. When the normal electromagnetic field in cells is disturbed by processes that alter and lead to disorder, changes first take place in inter-cell communication. This is the so-called information phase translating into energy, that eventually leads to obvious changes in laboratory results that permit illnesses to be diagnosed by ultrasound or other traditional medical devices.
Bio resonant and thermal vision scanners are supreme inventions of quantum physics used to analyse health conditions. All changes to electromagnetic fields and waves are indentified, as well as any interrupted information flow at cell level. Physicians may obtain manifold information in the finest detail, enabling the detection of bacteria, viruses and parasites, as well as allergies, inflammations, degenerative and other processes, all enabling the application of a great number of therapies.
Quantum medicine offers a huge step forward in diagnostics. It is able to view the subconscious, identifying historic causes for current problems. It can precisely define past situations and events that impacted on our psychological self, leaving marks reflected in all our problems, past and present. The removal of symptoms is relatively simple: is far harder to reveal the underlying causes, being so deeply impressed in our subconscious past.
Quantum medicine therefore leads in the psychological diagnosis of addicted patients. It is able to replace years of psychotherapy and bring the core of the problem to the surface. Drug addicts find it hard to admit their psychological drive, but it is now more easily recognised and therafter faced. The processes is completed by specific therapies that focus on the removal of the causes, as well as the problems, consequences and symptoms.


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Examination by a psychologist to determine the psycho-diagnostics is necessary to identify the patient’s level of desire for the substance, his level of intelligence, memory, motivation, and self-criticism. Using design thinking methods of assessment, psychometric scales can assess the level of depression and anxiety, and it is also possible to detect the so-called dual diagnosis. The most common is a combination that depends on the personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, depression and, rarely, combinations with psychosis, organic brain injury and schizophrenia.


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After completion of the diagnostics, the results are discussed with specialist consultant doctors, where strategy and a plan of treatment are jointly determined.

The Treatment Plan is specifically based on:

• The results of diagnostics,
• The length of treatment,
• The choice of method of detoxification.
• Psycho-correction,
• Blockage and rehabilitation.

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