Dusan Kosutic

General Manager
Holistic Therapist & Coach

About Dusan Kosutic

Mr Dusan Kosutic is the founder of the clinic, “Addiction Clinic Belgrade”. He has established a clinic that combines new technologies with a psychological program that generates a long-term independence from addiction. He has 14 years of rich experience in holistic diagnosis, treatment and therapy dealing involving the study of alternative medicine, including Quantum Medicine , Macrobiotics, Oriental Medicine, Homeopathy and Acupuncture. He has developed his own approach to restitution and maintenance of health based on the principles of Frequencies and Nutrition. This holistic approach to healing allows for quick, efficient and natural recovery. Through its specific therapy he provides professional training services to employees and patients.
  • Degree: Holistic Therapist and Coach
  • Speciality: Quantum Medicine & Macrobiotics
  • Contact: Mail dusan.kosutic@addictionclinicbelgrade.com , Tel 381 11 4040 688

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